Crochet Boho Cotton Bunting

I thought it would be nice to make something special for my sister’s birthday – quite aside from the fact it’s impossible to go shopping right now (at the time of making we are in Covid19 lockdown) , I like to give a personal gift where I can. It had to be something that I could make from my stash and so I decided on this beautiful Boho Bunting I found on Ravelry by Emma Escott.

I made mine in pink cotton – thinner than the pattern suggests and using a scaled down hook. I’m so pleased at how well it turned out. You can get the pattern here: It was one of those satisfying pieces that because of its repeating pattern, once you’ve understood the directions, you can just appily go along making repeat flags without constantly referring back to the pattern. I got carried away and made another set for my best friend although it seems I didn’t get very good photos. Must try harder! This is pre-blocking and for this delicate design, I really would recommend blocking – it really makes the detail stand out.

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