I love to make prints. The process of carefully hand carving a design in lino and taking a print holds so many opportunities for surprise. The design never trns out the way I visualise it at first. of course, sometimes that isn’t a good thing – but often the element of chance can provide something unexpected and wonderful and I love the fact that with printmaking, that’s a part of the process.

I find carving in lino therapeutic, I love the smell of lino being warmed, the slightly gritty feel of the cutter moving through the softened material and  watching the little curl of lino snaking up past the blade. The process varies depending on the design. Some designs can take several days to perfect. The resulting image is a beautiful, unique and tactile print that has all the marks of individuality. The differences between the first and subsequent prints is also a source of joy – they can be similar, but never the same.

I like to diversify and I find mono printing is ideal for this – it’s quick and rough and ready and the prints are unexpected and interesting. I find it’s a great way to get creative sparks going – if I’m stuck, if I don’t know what to make, if I’m blocked and inspiration is nowhere to be found, mono printing is an ideal kick starter.

I’d love to run some workshops on print making – so if you’re in Lincolnshire or near enough to travel, be sure to let me know as I can set up my mangle press for a fun afternoon of experimentation.