Craft Room Re-Design 2


This is the fun bit – take a break from the mess and browse Pinterest for a few hours – fantasise about all the things you would do with an unlimited budget and tons of space and none of the clutter you’re currently trying to pretend doesn’t exist…

This is how I imagine my craft room will look once complete – but I know in reality, this isn’t me… My craft isn’t all clean scrapbooks and colour coordinated brads – though these things do exist in my world, they’re just in the bottom of a disorganised box of “other things”. My art room is probably better suited to the type of room you can sling a bit of paint in – I’ll use it for things as diverse as sewing, painting, beading, avoiding the family, upgrading furniture, cutting on my cameo 4, candle making, soap making, bottle cutting, badge making, and so the list goes on. Storage is the big issue – this many diverse crafts takes up space – and in multiple boxes it can’t be found.

I haven’t got the luxury of a custom built cupboard like this gorgeous beast. so I shall have to find my own solution…

Now this looks achievable. These IKEA Trofast units are affordable – especially when bought second hand. I’ve been browsing Facebook marketplace for some – it seems the ones in this shape don’t come up in my area very often. I love the way they’ve been used with subtle colours here, most Trofast units are used for toy storage and are often in bright colour combinations but I see I can purchase the tubs individually – so if I buy the units I can get my own tubs to match my own colour scheme. For this reason, it seems that it would be advisable to get the wooden framed units rather than the laminate ones.

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