10 ways to keep your teenager occupied

My older daughters used to struggle to keep busy when they weren’t out of the house or with their friends. I created a list of things they could do that wouldn’t cost them too much money. The following list is mostly made up of stay at home activities and they use the bare minimum of equipment. These are also (mostly) offline activities, ideal for keeping busy when the internet is down. These days I have two more teens around and the internet is switched off routinely. Suggest some of these to your teen.

  1. Make a piece of jewellery – no materials? You can make beads out of paper – they make great earrings You can also use wire, tumblestones or polymer clay
  2. Set up a small campfire – toast marshmallows or jellybabies on a stick – everyone should try this – this is the perfect activity for garden camp outs
  3. Design a board game – this is much harder than it sounds but is good fun – if you succeed in making a good game they can be sold and you’ll be well on your way towards making yoru first £$million!
  4. Make salt dough – you can make some nice wall decorations and paint them
  5. Paint some pictures for your wall – get some inspiration from my home art board on Pinterest
  6. Make white porcelain clay it’s easy to make at home and holds details well
  7. Have a water fight – use sponges, washing up liquid bottles and shampoo bottles, buckets and water pistols
  8. Set up a blog – imagine how huge it could be
  9. Learn how to throw a frisbee side arm and impress virtually everyone
  10. Paint a piece of furniture (ask first!) and upgrade your room

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