Art and Sculpture

Beaded hummingbird

I don’t know about you but I just can’t stick to one type of material. It’s the variety that excites me and keeps me moving onto the next thing. My craft room is testament to this – there are little bits of so many different disciplines in evidence there – resin, canvases for both painting and pouring onto, lino and carving tools for the printmaking, rubber stamps and dies for cutting, paper in hundreds of different colours, an obscenely large collection of seed beads and jewellery findings. I’m beginning to wonder whether “collecting art materials” is actually my hobby!

I consider that there are two aspects to my making. I do crafts at home, mostly making things for parties – or for gifts but I also consider that fine art is a different aspect of my creative practice. I work also across many different mediums as part of my personal fine art practice. I work in materials as diverse as plaster, paper, wire, beads, crochet, paint, and print-making. There is a theme common to much of my work – I am inspired by evolution and nature. My work is mostly 3D but not restricted by any material aspect.


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