I live in Lincolnshire in England with my husband, two teenagers and four cats. I work full time, but my ambition is to leave the day job and concentrate on my art.

Making art is a passion for me. I want to create works that leap out off the canvas, and bring joy through the use of vibrant colour and energetic brush strokes! I find when looking at a blank canvas that I want to make colour its purpose – that the paint simply won’t hold back and be a nice picture of a butterfly or a still life – in my hands the paint wants to be alive!

I have a degree in Fine Art from University for the Creative Arts and spend most of my spare time creating – in paint, in paper, digitally and in other mediums. Sometimes the art comes slowly – several layers build up to make a considered piece over several weeks. Sometimes I scrape the paint off and begin again – sometimes I paint right over it in a completely different shade. At other times it happens more quickly – with a new wet layer of paint added over the previous layer before it’s even had a chance to dry! The multiple layers are crucial to the piece becoming a complex work, worthy of pausing over to see the nuances within. Each piece remains on the easel for consideration while it dries – and I often go back to make small additions. I find it irresistable – and then one day – it’s finished.

We have been restoring and decorating our 300 year old farmhouse which leads me to want to create art for our own walls – and we don’t want a plain wall broken up by a dull frame that has an old watercolour scene inside. Instead we wanted colourful, emotional, outspoken art that brightened and modernised our ancient walls and hallways and bedrooms! When we decorate in muted colours, a plain wall screams out for colour and drama – and that’s what I hope to provide for you.